Online Services

Access to information when you need it

Online services for plan administrators and plan members provide access to your benefit information when you need it. These convenient services are available 24 a day at no cost to your plan.

ADMINnet for plan administrators

Plan administrators have access to solutions that help manage their plan through ADMINnet. You can keep important information up to date by managing records for plan members, look up a detailed summary benefit information and create reports from anywhere you have access to the internet.

Member Profile

Plan members enjoy anytime access to their personal benefit and claims information through their Member Profile. Members have easy access to a complete summary of their EHC or dental plan, including their claiming history and benefit eligibility so they can plan their next date of service. If your group has a Health Spending Account, members can conveniently see their plan balances so they can better manage their spending on health care. Member Profile also provides claim forms and ID cards at their fingertips and the convenience of direct deposit and online claims statements.