Group Dental Add-On

Giving employees choices when more coverage is needed…

If your employee group health plan doesn't include dental coverage, Pacific Blue Cross offers a Group Dental Add-On that individuals can purchase to supplement their existing Blue Cross group health care plan.

The add-on is exclusively available to Blue Cross group plan members and provides essential and enhanced options to ensure they can select the coverage they need. And our plans have a sliding scale for reimbursement; the longer they have coverage, the more coverage they enjoy.

How it Works

Your employees purchase supplemental dental coverage directly from Pacific Blue Cross. There is no enrollment or administration for you to look after.

Our plans are accepted by dentists all over British Columbia and most dentists bill us directly saving plan members from out-of-pocket expenses. They only pay the percentage not covered by the plan. And when they do have claim inquiries, all their benefit information is available in Member Profile or by contacting one of our customer service representatives.


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