Group Plan Conversion

Giving employees choices when group coverage ends…

As we move through our lives, it's good to know there are choices available that provide added security along the way. Pacific Blue Cross offers options you can provide your employees at no cost to your plan. These options are available exclusively to group plan members to ensure they have access to the added protection they need.

Health and dental conversion option

When group health and dental coverage is about to end or has recently ended, Pacific Blue Cross has designed a plan that offers your employees the opportunity to continue to receive the security they're used to.

Group Plan Conversion lets your employees continue health and dental coverage without interruption so they can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have protection from the financial hardship of unexpected health costs.

Conversion is available for the initial transfer from any recognized Canadian group benefits plan within 60 days of their coverage ending as long as they have been covered for at least 6 months under a group plan. And there's no need to complete a medical questionnaire.

Life conversion option

Your employees may also convert their group life coverage to an individual life insurance plan. A medical questionnaire is not required if the application is made within 31 days from the termination date and made before their 65th birth day and there is 5 years of continuous coverage if the termination is due to the cancellation of a group policy.

Blue Cross Life Insurance Company of Canada underwrites this conversion option.