Health Connected

Health Connected delivers a comprehensive and evidenced informed approach to health and wellness. It is designed to promote daily engagement and behavioural change, which are necessary for achieving a meaningful impact on user wellbeing and organizational health over time. Our Plan Sponsors can leverage Health Connected’s Reporting & Engagement package as the foundation for their corporate wellness program.


Why Health Connected?

  • Health and Wellness is key to living a full and productive lifestyle, both at work, and at home
  • Prevention and early detection of health issues helps support your plan’s sustainability
  • Identifying key areas of need combined with change readiness ensures smart spending and effective strategies
  • Employees want fun, engaging, and virtually delivered tools to support their health and wellbeing goals
  • Access expert support and guidance from the Pacific Blue Cross Health and Wellness Team


Reporting & Engagement Package

Take your employee health and wellness program to the next level with a customized platform, engagement tools, advanced reporting, and expert guidance. The Reporting & Engagement Package also includes access to one Health Challenge per year.

Key Features

  • Add your logo to customize the Health Connected platform
  • Reporting delivered to your inbox (quarterly)
  • Health and Wellness Consult (quarterly)
  • Add up to 20 Custom HRA Questions (can be changed quarterly/yearly)
  • Team Challenges (choose 1/year; additional challenges can be added for a fee)
  • Promotions/campaigns (can be changed quarterly)
  • Rewards and incentives through points/level system (prizes are responsibility of Plan Sponsor)
Reporting & Engagement Package Pricing

We offer 1-year and 3-year program pricing. Contact your Account Executive for more details.