Common Benefits

The foundation of a well-rounded benefit plan

Health, dental, life and disability benefits are the foundation of any well-rounded plan. Pacific Blue Cross offers customizable plan design and flexibility that enables employers to manage their costs while providing health coverage relevant to their employee's needs.

Your employees are one of your company's most valuable assets. Your benefit plan protects this asset by helping your employees stay healthy—and productive. And a benefit plan is significant to employee satisfaction since a well-designed benefit plan provides the employee and their family coverage for many health care products and services where the provincial government health plan falls short.

We work with you to ensure your benefit plan is designed to provide cost management. Helping you keep costs down ensures your plan remains viable for the long-term. The Pacific Blue Cross commitment to cost effectiveness ensures you get the best value for your benefit dollars.

No two employees have the same benefit needs. To meet these diverse needs, Pacific Blue Cross benefit plans provide a range of options. We can help you design a benefit plan that protects your employees' health helping them meet their day-to-day health care needs.