Disability Plans and Case Management

Providing security for your workforce

Employees appreciate the financial security that a disability plan can provide when a serious illness or accident impacts their ability to work. Disability insurance coverage provided by BC Life ensures your employees continue to receive an income when they are unable to work due to injury or illness.

Our short-term and long-term disability coverage plans offer complete flexibility. You design the plan that suits your organizational and employee needs. Coverage can be provided as flat amounts, or as a percentage of the employee's salary. You choose the benefit maximums, qualifying periods and benefit duration.

British Columbia Life and Casualty Company

BC Life is based in British Columbia and owned by Pacific Blue Cross. In addition to supporting employees who are unable to work, we also provide life insurance products for BC residents.

We understand how difficult it can be when an employee is no longer able to do everything they did before; when an accident or illness prevents them from working. What we also know is that work is an integral part of living a meaningful and productive life.

Reflecting on his momentous Man In Motion World Tour, Rick Hansen said:
"The original vision was not to raise money. It was to demonstrate the potential of people with disabilities if barriers were removed. The intention was to draw attention to the fact that people with disabilities could make great contributions and achieve amazing things if they put their mind to it and society was enabling."

At BC Life, we believe there is a difference between having symptoms and being disabled. There is also a difference between being disabled from one's occupation and disabled from work in general.

Our goal is to help navigate these differences and remove barriers to help your employees get back to making the most of their abilities.

It's not a one-person show, it's a partnership

A disability is a period of transition. In order to best support employees through this difficult period in their lives, we work with the employee, the employer or plan administrator and various other support systems. Our success depends on our ability to work collaboratively.

Preventing negative outcomes

Disability management should be about more than just replacing wages after serious illness or injury has occurred. Ensuring your workforce is operating at maximum capacity includes taking an integrated and proactive approach to workplace wellness to reduce absenteeism and presenteeism. By providing programs such as Employee and Family Assistance to you can support your employees through life issues that can affect their productivity at work.

Learn about additional benefits like Second Opinion and Critical Illness that provide additional to support to your employees during life's more challenging times.