Health Spending Accounts

Covering health care expenses beyond standard benefits

Health Spending Accounts are a practical, affordable and cost-effective way to meet the changing needs of today's employers and employees. With a Health Spending Account, you can offer the flexibility in health care choices that your employees want, while holding plan costs at a level that you can afford.

Pacific Blue Cross Health Spending Accounts complement a group plan, reimbursing employees for a wide range of health-related expenses outside of their standard benefits. Health Spending Accounts are funded with pre-tax dollars through employer contributions and are administered by Pacific Blue Cross according to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) guidelines. They provide the perfect mix of flexibility and cost containment, in a tax effective way.

Cost containment

Health Spending Accounts have stable costs that are predictable from year to year. Employees become more aware of health care costs because they are responsible for managing their own benefit dollars through the year.

Tax advantages

Health Spending Accounts allow you to deliver tax-effective compensation to your employees, using pre-tax dollars. At the beginning of the year, you decide on the amount to be available in the Health Spending Account and it's a tax deduction for your business.


There are a wide variety of eligible expenses that can be cleared under a Health Spending Account. Eligible dependents can be set the same as your medical and dental plan or can be expanded to include a broader list of eligible dependents as defined by the CRA.