Health and Wellness

Good health is our business

Today, rising health care costs, more expensive drugs and an aging workforce create many challenges for plan sponsors in providing benefits to their employees. These cost trends are not likely to change anytime soon. Traditional cost-containment strategies alone will not eliminate escalating costs.

A strategic approach to workplace health

Workplace health and wellness demands more than an off-the-shelf approach. Every organization is unique. We take a holistic approach to wellness. We establish a partnership with you to understand your organization's needs, goals and budget, and then work with you to customize your workplace health strategy that makes sense for your business.

It’s good business sense

Millions of Canadians spend half their waking hours at work, making the workplace a significant place to positively impact health. Investing in workplace health can:

  • reduce absenteeism
  • reduce accidents and disability rates
  • increase productivity
  • reduce health insurance costs
  • reduce worker compensations
  • enhance job satisfaction
  • improve company image

Programs that fit your workplace

We look for ways to integrate your wellness strategy with your benefit program and ensure clear goals and strategies are established that naturally fit into your organization. Then we work with you to establish programs that engage your workforce in achieving change toward healthier living.

This is the approach we have taken with our own workplace health program and we’ve been quite successful. We've been awarded the Worklife BC Award of Merit for promoting work/life balance and the Who's Who Award in Workplace Wellness from Benefits Canada.

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