Company Facts

Head Office — Burnaby, British Columbia

Number of Employees — Approximately 750

Chief Executive Officer — John Crawford, President & CEO

Annual Revenue — Approximately $1.4 billion1

Membership — 1.4 million British Columbians2

Claims processed — over 24 million annually3

Customer interactions — over 600,000 annually


Years of operation

1940 — MSA commences operation providing pre-paid medical coverage to businesses

1946 — CU&C commences operation providing pre-paid medical coverage to individuals and families

1979 — MSA signs license agreement with the Canadian Association of Blue Cross Plans

1982 — British Columbia Life & Casualty Company commences operation

1997 — MSA and CU&C, BC's two largest benefits organizations, merge to become Pacific Blue Cross

2012 — BC Life celebrates its 30th anniversary

2015 — Pacific Blue Cross celebrates its 75th year of making a difference in British Columbia


1 Approximate figure as of Dec 31, 2018, See complete financial details in our
   Annual Report
2 Approximate figure only. Actual enrolment changes regularly.
3 Claims are calculated as an individual line item.


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