Why work for us

10 reasons to work for
Pacific Blue Cross

We're not an insurance company. Well OK… maybe we are, but we really think of ourselves as a service company, and not what you'd expect an insurance company to be. Here are ten things that make Pacific Blue Cross unique and the reasons why you might want to work for us.

  1. Great people who make a difference.Our employees care about each other and our customers. They provide exceptional service and they get involved in the community. We may be a company of 700 people, but we're like a family; we support each other.
  2. Strong values and a clear vision for the future. We consider honesty, integrity and trust to be the cost of entry; what everyone should bring to the table as a member of society. At Pacific Blue Cross we value people making a difference and our employees make a healthy difference in the lives of British Columbians everyday.
  3. A comprehensive total compensation package including above average vacation, an onsite gym and cafeteria and outstanding benefit coverage. Our benefit package is second to none; after all, Blue Cross provides it.
  4. Several great programs for employees. Recognition, Long Service, Health and Wellness, Green Team, Employee Suggestions, Community Connection, Employee discounts; there are lots of perks, company events and other ways for our employees to get involved.
  5. A positive and challenging work environment. Our employees enjoy many opportunities for personal development as we continually improve the service we provide to our customers. We pride ourselves on overcoming the challenges that arise from daily work activities to various projects and initiatives focused on finding solutions.
  6. A strong community connection. At Pacific Blue Cross, local community involvement extends throughout the province. While we're most proud of our partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association, we're equally proud and supportive of the many health related charities that our employee's champion.
  7. A diverse and equitable workforce. Our employees come from many different backgrounds. We believe that contributes to our success. We can draw on the perspectives and skills of men and women of different age groups, different cultural backgrounds and different life experiences. In our workplace, everyone has the right to be treated fairly and equally.
  8. A healthy, safe and flexible workplace that supports a balanced lifestyle. Our people are one of our most valuable assets. This makes their health and well being very important. We take this so seriously that we've been awarded the Worklife BC Award of Merit for promoting work/life balance and the Who's Who Award in Workplace Wellness from Benefits Canada.
  9. Career development with opportunities for advancement. It takes all kinds of people and skills to run a company as diverse as ours. In order for us to remain competitive, continuous improvement, by either learning new skills or improving the skills you already have is the only way our company can be successful. Your specific career path is your own and we provide a variety of opportunities to develop your skills as you advance.
  10. We're one of the most trusted and reliable companies in British Columbia. And we offer products and services you can be proud of that are backed by a brand recognized around the world.