Why do you need Trip Protection Insurance?

Lindsey and Steve: flight disruption causes unexpected travel expenses

Do your travel plans include a hotel room, vacation package, flight, or other costs that are non-refundable? Trip Protection Insurance can help you recover those non-refundable, prepaid expenses should an unexpected situation arise.

Here’s how Lindsey and Steve saved on unexpected travel expenses after a flight disruption.

Lindsey and Steve: flight disruption causes unexpected travel expenses

To celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary, Lindsey and Steve decided to go on a romantic trip to Italy. They enjoyed a wonderful, problem-free vacation, visiting countryside vineyards, historical cities, and seaside villages. That is, until their return flight home was cancelled last minute by the airline with no replacement flight being offered for two days.

Knowing he had travel coverage through his credit card, Steve called his credit card company for reimbursement details and, after waiting on hold for several hours, he learned that the card only covered emergency travel medical expenses and that the cost for their new flights would not be covered.

Lindsey and Steve had to book a new flight immediately because Lindsey had an important client meeting for work that she could not miss early that week. The cost for their two flights home was $1,944.

Steve thought his credit card coverage was sufficient, but Lindsay wasn’t so sure. Thankfully, Lindsey had also purchased an Annual Travel plan with Pacific Blue Cross and opted to include Trip Protection. The entire cost of their new flight was covered under this plan, and they were reimbursed for the full amount.

Trip Protection Insurance

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