Why do you need Trip Protection Insurance?

Kamal: stolen backpack leads to travel emergency

Do your travel plans include a hotel room, vacation package, flight, or other costs that are non-refundable? Trip Protection Insurance can help you recover those non-refundable, prepaid expenses should an unexpected situation arise.

Here’s how Kamal used his Trip Protection plan after experiencing a travel emergency in Southeast Asia: 

Kamal: stolen backpack leads to travel emergency

After completing his Bachelor of Nursing degree at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, 23-year old Kamal embarked on a month-long backpacking trip to Southeast Asia.

During the first week of his trip, Kamal was travelling on an overnight train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand and had his backpack stolen, which included his passport, travel visa, clothing, and camera.

Fortunately for Kamal, his grandparents had purchased him a Trip Protection plan as his graduation present. Kamal contacted Medi-Assist – a 24/7 emergency travel assistance service included in his Pacific Blue Cross plan. They were able to provide coverage information about his plan, offer travel and reimbursement advice, notify Pacific Blue Cross to facilitate claims payment, and connect him with the Canadian Embassy who we able to provide a temporary passport and travel visa.

Because his backpack had been stolen, Pacific Blue Cross covered the cost of the temporary passport and travel visa as well as the replacement of his personal possessions including luggage, clothing, and camera. All Kamal needed to do was save his receipts and submit his eligible expenses when he returned home, which totaled $780 in reimbursements.

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