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Be ready for wherever life takes you with flexible and comprehensive coverage from BC’s health experts.

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Be ready for wherever life takes you

Get protection for things you don’t plan for. Our Personal Health Insurance helps cover out-of-pocket expenses not covered by your government health plan—because you never know where life will take you.

Consider this plan if:

  • You don’t have health benefits through your employer
  • You’d like to supplement your existing coverage
  • You’re losing your group coverage
  • You don’t have an existing health condition

Why choose our Health and Dental Plan?

Mental wellness

Enhanced coverage specifically for registered clinical counsellors, psychologists, and online CBT.

The most coverage

The highest prescription drug, vision and practitioner coverage available on a personal health plan.

Family planning benefit

The first personal health plan in Canada to offer fertility treatment and adoption coverage.

Flexibility and choice

Enjoy flexible, annual upgrades — no medical review required — and enhanced coverage options.

Travel and Life

Enjoy added peace of mind with Travel and Life Insurance included across all plan levels.

Enhanced coverage for women

We’re promoting health equity by bridging the gaps that exist in women’s health care.

Design your plan in two easy steps

Build a plan that fits your health needs. Enjoy the flexibility to upgrade your level of health or dental coverage-- no medical review required-- upon your plan anniversary. Enjoy the flexibility to downgrade every two years.

Step 1: Select a Bronze, Silver or Gold health level. Your dental options will depend on the health level selected.

Step 2: Select your preferred dental coverage.

Choosing the right level of coverage for your health needs


Well-rounded coverage for practitioners, prescription drugs, vision, and mental wellness, with the flexibility to waive dental coverage. Perfect for:

  • Recent grads
  • Self-employed, contract or part-time workers


Comprehensive coverage for practitioners, prescription drugs, vision, and mental wellness, with the flexibility to include orthodontics for children. Perfect for:

  • Couples
  • Families


Best-in-market coverage for practitioners, prescription drugs, and vision, with enhanced mental wellness coverage. Plus, the first personal health plan in Canada to feature a Family Planning Benefit. Perfect for:

  • Anyone looking for the most personal health coverage
  • Individuals and couples planning to build their family

Step 1 — Select your health coverage

Select coverage will vary based on the plan level selected.

Lifetime maximum $375,000 $500,000 Unlimited


Coverage Payable up to 80%1 Payable up to 90%1 Payable up to 90%1
Dispensing fee $5 $10 $10
Yearly limit $5,000 $10,000 Unlimited


Practitioner services2 $400 per practitioner/yr,
$600 per practitioner/yr,
$800 per practitioner/yr,
Mental wellness services3 $750 combined limit/yr $750 combined limit/yr $1,500 combined limit/yr

VISION / 6 month waiting period / Eligible every 2 years

Prescription eyewear $250 $300 $400
Eye exam $60 $80 $80

MEDICAL EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES / $5,000 per year

Hearing aids $300/4 years/
3 month waiting period
$400/4 years/
3 month waiting period
$600/4 years/
3 month waiting period

FAMILY PLANNING BENEFIT / 1 year waiting period

Fertility drugs $5,000/yr/family5
Fertility treatment and adoption4 $5,000/yr/family5
1 Maximum coverage limits apply at Preferred Pharmacy Network (PPN) providers only. Lower coverage limits apply at non-PPN providers. Find a PPN provider near you. 2 Practitioner services include physiotherapists, massage practitioners, chiropractors, naturopaths, chiropodists, podiatrists, osteopaths, speech pathologists, registered dieticians, and acupuncturists. 3 Mental wellness services include psychologists, registered counsellors, and online CBT. 4 Fertility treatment includes in-vitro fertilization, egg freezing, intrauterine insemination, and sperm freezing. Adoption includes agency and legal fees. 5 If per your agreement infertility is deemed to be a pre-existing condition then this benefit will reduce to a combined lifetime maximum of $2,000 for fertility drugs, fertility treatment and adoption.

“Always there” health coverage on every plan level includes:

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Step 2 — Select your dental coverage

Select coverage will vary based on the plan level selected.



Waiting period 3 months 3 months No waiting period
Recall frequency5 9 months 6 months 6 months
Year 1 70%, $500 70%, $800 80%, $1,0006
Year 2 80%, $700 80%, $1,1006 90%, $1,3006
Year 3+ 80%, $900 80%, $1,4006 90%, $1,6006


Waiting period 12 months 6 months
Year 1 60% Major only6
Year 2 50% Major only6 60% incl. Dentures, Orthodontics6,7
Year 3+ 50% incl. Dentures, Child orthodontics6,7 60% incl. Dentures, Orthodontics6,7
5 The min. frequency required between select preventative and diagnostic services (e.g., exams, polishing, fluoride). 6 Combined annual maximum for all dental services. 7 $2,000 orthodontic lifetime maximum/person. Gold orthodontic coverage is for children and adults.

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Additional member value

Our Health and Dental plan also includes the following:


Healthy women, healthy families

Our enhanced coverage for women is designed with the support of BC Women’s Health Foundation to help you take control of your health, your life and your family journey.

  • Boosted benefits for new or expecting parents
  • Fertility and adoption coverage