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Industry Opposition Prevents Proposed Health and Dental Benefits Tax

When the federal government announced that they were considering a tax on employer-sponsored health and dental benefits, the benefits industry rallied to prevent it from being implemented. Health care organizations, Chambers of Commerce and several other business groups voiced their concerns about the consequences of the proposed tax. The Canadian Dental Association set up a webpage allowing people to send their Member of Parliament an e-mail with their concerns.

On February 1, Prime Minister Trudeau announced that the government is no longer planning on taxing employee health and dental plans. This decision comes as a result of the consolidated efforts shown by the benefits industry, leading to more than 80,000 Canadians sending in e-mails in opposition of the proposed tax.

"Pacific Blue Cross would like to acknowledge all of the organizations, as well as our members, who played a role in successfully preventing the proposed tax from being implemented," says John Crawford, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Pacific Blue Cross. "This joint effort demonstrates our industry’s ability to come together on important issues."

To read more about the government’s decision, read this press release from Benefits Canada.

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