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PBC Health Benefits Society Licenses Insurance System to Accerta

September 17, 2013 – PBC Health Benefits Society (PBC) and Accertaclaim Servicorp Inc. (Accerta) are pleased to announce a definitive licensing agreement for PBC’s core Insurance System – a comprehensive health, dental, life and disability package solution for administration, claims, enrolment and Web. Under this agreement, Accerta is able to run its own version and manage future changes and development independently as its business needs evolve. Value of the agreement is not being disclosed.

By leveraging PBC's investment in a comprehensive package solution, Accerta is able to bring a new system to market quickly and operate in a flexible, cost effective manner for its stakeholders. “Caught in an industry with many home grown legacy technology solutions, fragmented Canadian vendor solutions or US based solutions requiring extensive customization – PBC's modern, integrated, configurable, Canadian focused solution just made sense for Accerta” – says Doug Cooper, Accerta President & Chief Executive Officer.

Over the last six years PBC has been focused on its own technology transformation program to completely replace up to 50 legacy systems and strives to have the most comprehensive and flexible insurance system in Canada and is in the final stages of implementation.

“We knew we had something special with our new Insurance System so we were very pleased that an industry peer based in Ontario recognized what we had and wanted to access our technology. While it has not been PBC's focus to license its technology, this deal with Accerta goes a long way to validate our technology vision and own transformation efforts” – says Kenneth G. Martin, PBC's President and Chief Executive Officer.

Both Accerta and PBC will be fully implemented on the new Insurance System later this year and early in 2014 respectively. This system is ideally suited for Canadian health, dental and life insurance companies ranging from 100,000 to over 1 million covered lives. The Insurance System provides a unique combination of modern technology foundation, integrated configurable modules with a focus on internal operational efficiency and client friendly self-service. Carriers interested in learning more about this Insurance System and partnership opportunities may contact Holden Yap, PBC Technology Partnerships at or 604-351-1378

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