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Important Notice System Upgrade Progress

As we are in the final stages of our large-scale Health and Dental platform upgrade, our timelines are becoming much clearer and we are excited about the opportunities that this initiative will provide to our customers.

Through every stage of this project, we have always been mindful of our primary goals to build a system that will provide us the ability to be more flexible and responsive to the needs of our customers, ensuring that we keep our stakeholders well informed of our progress and working to ensure we provide a smooth transition to the new platform while minimizing the impact on everyone we are so proud to serve.

We expect to complete this transition in the fall of 2013. We have established several checkpoints along the way to monitor our progress and help ensure when we do make the final move to the new platform, we deliver the goals stated above.

We are committed to announcing the exact date of the cutover three months prior to the launch. Stay tuned as we will continue to communicate more about the new platform and specific timelines prior to the launch.

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