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MSP administration via Blue Cross' Bluelink

Health Insurance BC (HIBC) has notified Pacific Blue Cross of changes to procedures that will impact certain transactions between MSP and BlueLink.

Effective February 4, 2013, only Health Insurance BC (HIBC) can make personal information changes (name, birth date and gender) on behalf of all MSP beneficiaries. These changes are associated with the launch of the new BC Services Card.

All other transactions via BlueLink, including enrolment and cancelations of new plan members and or dependents (spouse or child) are not affected by this change.

As a result of this change in procedure, updates to personal information to MSP via BlueLink will not be processed by MSP.
To make a personal information change, plan administrators will be required to submit MSP’s Group Change Request form to HIBC with photocopies of applicable supporting documentation (e.g. a name change certificate or birth certificate).

The MSP Group Change Request form is available at:

The updated MSP Group Procedure Guide is available at:

The bulletin from Health Insurance BC is here.

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