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Our 2012 Drug Trends Report: Facts and Insights

Pacific Blue Cross released the 2012 edition of the Drug Trends Report in British Columbia today. The report contains both the facts and the insights Plan Sponsors need to make informed decisions about their drug benefits plan.

The trends report begins with the facts. We show an update on the top ten drugs for 2012 across Canada and for Pacific Blue Cross. We also provide an outline of any changes in the ranking of drug classes.

After reviewing the facts and figures, we bring you an interview with two of our experts, Brian Mathae, Director of Group Client Development, and Joanne Jung, Pharmacy Director. Brian and Joanne walk Plan Sponsors through the many changes in the drug arena and provide their thoughts on today’s most important drug issues, including biologics, biosimilars, drug pooling and generic substitution. They conclude with specific steps Plan Sponsors can take to stem the rising costs of drugs, while continuing to invest in member health in a preventative and responsive way.

Our Drug Trends report is published annually. Click here to read the full report.

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