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From Ping Pong Tables to Bricks and Mortar

Our Community Connection Health Foundation is committed to making a meaningful and healthy difference in the lives of British Columbians. We are focused on mental health promotion and chronic disease prevention.

Recently, we delved into the world of psychiatric care. We toured local psychiatric units and learned about the many efforts underway to enable better care. We saw large holes in the ground where new facilities will be built, and learned about the chronic issues affecting these facilities, such as boredom, discomfort and lack of privacy. We asked what we could do to help.

A ping pong table might not seem like a great investment in patient care, but according to Dr. Allan Burgmann, a psychiatrist at Lions Gate Hospital, the opposite is true:
"This kind of investment [lifestyle and recreation equipment] in our services is extremely important because clients tend to require longer stays in our acute mental health unit than your typical patient at an acute medical unit, and we know that improving our patient environment can result in better care outcomes."

This sentiment was echoed by psychiatrists at Royal Columbian Hospital. There, our funding helped create a private room for family meetings and funded a new entertainment unit. When our employees learned the patients would be short on videos, they donated boxes of DVDs to help keep the patients entertained.

We were also the first corporate sponsor to publicly announce our support for the new Vancouver General Hospital Psychiatric building, and quick to respond to a call for support from Nanaimo Regional Hospital.

To date, Pacific Blue Cross has provided funding for the following hospitals through its Community Connection Health Foundation:
  • Nanaimo Regional Hospital
  • Vancouver General Hospital
  • Royal Columbian Hospital
  • Lions Gate Hospital

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