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Direct Deposit Changes —Help us become greener

Pacific Blue Cross goes more paperless for plan members
Five years ago Pacific Blue Cross introduced electronic payments for plan members. It’s helped us become a greener company. Now we’re hoping we can reduce our footprint even more and we need your help.

Starting August 3, Pacific Blue Cross’ payment process will become completely paperless for members who choose direct deposit through CARESnet.

Plan members who are signed up for direct deposit, but continue to receive a paper statement by mail will be notified that their statements will only be available electronically through CARESnet as of August 3.

As well, a small number of plan members with direct deposit have not signed up for CARESnet. We’ll be contacting these members by mail encouraging them to register for CARESnet and re-select the direct deposit option.

We are aware there could be members who prefer to keep paper statements and for them, we’ll transition them to our traditional paper methods of cheque and claim statement.

We need your help as Plan Sponsors. You may have some direct deposit application forms in your office which will become obsolete. Please discard any forms you have. Employees who inquire about signing up for electronic payments can be directed to CARESnet at where members can manage their bank account information.

We can help you communicate with your employees about the online services available on CARESnet. Contact your Pacific Blue Cross Account Manager for a supply of CARESnet posters or brochures

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