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Pacific Blue Cross Launches Community Connection Health Foundation

Pacific Blue Cross today announces the launch of its new Community Connection Health Foundation. The foundation will offer financial assistance to organizations that support mental health and chronic disease. Funding for the foundation will come from a 6 million dollar endowment from Pacific Blue Cross.

As part of the launch, Pacific Blue Cross is announcing donations of $5,000 to Royal Columbian Hospital’s Psychiatry Unit and $7,500 to Nanaimo Hospital’s Mental Health & Addictions Services Units. The funds will go towards enhancing patient ambience and consultation rooms.

“We are delighted to launch the Community Connection Health Foundation,” says Ken Martin, President and CEO of Pacific Blue Cross. “We have a long history of serving the community and for us the foundation is our latest commitment. It is designed to empower communities to develop solutions for today’s pressing health issues. Successful health initiatives will help control health care costs and benefit all British Columbians.”

Projects can receive a one-time grant or they can pursue a partnership with the foundation. The grants will be given to high-impact initiatives that promote healthy lifestyle and positive mental health across the province. Partnerships will be aimed at prevention, intervention or education.

Funding requests will be reviewed by a board of directors four times a year. Applications will be judged based on their commitment to solution-oriented initiatives with measurable and proven results. The board will be made up of both directors and Pacific Blue Cross employees.

Interested organizations can apply immediately here.

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