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Read our report on Drug trends in 2011

This year before starting on our annual drug trends report, we asked our Blue Insight panelists to tell us what topics matter most to them on the subject of prescription drugs. Their feedback allowed us to tailor our report to topics that matter most to our customers. We are confident this year’s report will provide you with the kind of insight you need to ensure your drug plan is sustainable now and into the future.

Our annual drug trends report provides an update on the top ten drugs for 2011 across Canada and for in BC for Pacific Blue Cross clients. It also outlines changes in the ranking of drug classes. This year, we also provide a summary of the findings from a survey of plan members asking about their health. It was a good news story and one we’re happy to share.

This year’s report ends with insightful comments by our own Rene Norena, Director, Actuarial Services. He provides his thoughts about the greatest challenges on the horizon for plan sponsors.

It’s a must-read. Download your copy today.

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