New! Online Access to Pre-Determination Results

Friday, Nov 15, 2019

If you submit pre-determination requests to Pacific Blue Cross, you will now be able to get your responses faster than before.

As of November 14th, 2019, you can access your pre-determination responses on PROVIDERnet simply by logging into your account and entering your client’s policy information.

Pre-determinations let you know in advance how much will be reimbursed by the plan. Accessing your pre-determination responses online reduces your wait time so you can focus on evaluating the best treatment plan for your client. It also helps streamline your business operations with another convenient tool through PROVIDERnet.

Please note: For convenient record keeping, you will continue to receive pre-determination responses by mail in addition to the ability to access electronic statements.

How to find your online pre-determination responses:

  • Log in to PROVIDERnet
  • Choose Eligibility, then Pre-authorizations

  • Enter in the requested information for your client (Policy and ID Number, Personal Health Number or Status Number).
    • Choose Search
    • Select the Individual
    • Enter Date Range in which the pre-determination was submitted
    • Choose Apply to find your pre-determination request results