Take a Health Risk Assessment for your chance to win Health Cash

Monday, Sep 6, 2021

We’re offering three chances to win $500 in Health Cash to any Pacific Blue Cross member who has completed a Health Risk Assessment with Health Connected.

We love to reward our members for being healthy.

That’s why we’re offering three chances to win $500 in Health Cash to any member who has completed a Health Risk Assessment with our digital wellness partner, Health Connected.

Health Cash can be spent on fitness gear, health memberships, or anything else that helps you stay healthy. One prize will be announced in September, one in October, and one in November. You have until Tuesday, November 30th, 2021 to complete your Health Risk Assessment for a chance to win.


Health Connected: Establish your health baseline with the Health Risk Assessment

A recent survey of Pacific Blue Cross members indicates a strong interest in using a preventative service like a personal health risk assessment if it were offered by their employer—particularly for those aged 18 -34.

Health Connected is part of the standard offering on most of our group and individual health benefits plans. It delivers a comprehensive and evidenced-informed approach to health and wellness, and promotes daily engagement, which is necessary for achieving a meaningful impact on wellbeing and health over time. 

The Health Risk Assessment provides you with an extensive view of your current health status as well as a detailed breakdown of any health risks you may have. With this baseline assessment of your health, you can track any progress you make towards improving your overall health and wellbeing.

Once you’ve completed your initial health assessment, you can take one of the many health challenges available on Health Connected. Health Connected offers a wide range of health challenges that focus on a variety of health topics, including exercise, diet, mental health, stress, sleep, and more.


How to enter

Participating is easy. You’ll just need to complete a Health Risk Assessment with Health Connected to be automatically entered for a chance to win. You can access Health Connected through the Digital Wellness Tools button on your Member Profile.

Follow these steps to complete your online assessment today:

  1. Log into your Member Profile
  2. Click on the Digital Wellness Tool button
  3. Select Account and then Settings to change your consent and notification preferences to allow Engagement Reports, then select Update to confirm your preferences.
  4. Complete your Health Risk Assessment to be automatically entered for your chance to win


Contest eligibility

  • The contest is open to residents of British Columbia who:
    • Are 19 years of age or older
    • Have a valid email account/address
    • Are a Pacific Blue Cross member
    • Have completed a Health Risk Assessment
  • The contest is open between September 1 and November 30, 2021