Put your health first with Guaranteed Acceptance

Thursday, Apr 1, 2021

Do you need personal health insurance coverage, and you receive care for a pre-existing condition? Our newly designed Guaranteed Acceptance plan will help you put your health first, at a price you can afford.

British Columbians are diverse and so is their health. Our new Guaranteed Acceptance plan offers financial protection for health expenses that aren’t covered by MSP: think prescription drugs, vision and dental care, massage therapy, psychology, and medical equipment and supplies.

It’s the right choice if you or a family member is already receiving care for a pre-existing condition and want to ensure you have coverage for those expenses. Note that a pre-existing condition could be diabetes or heart disease, but it could also be physiotherapy or clinical counselling for ongoing issues.

With four tiers of coverage to choose from (Essential, Bronze, Silver, Gold), the new Guaranteed Acceptance plan offers some of the highest benefit coverages and most flexible design options available, so you can tailor the plan to suit your health needs at a price that fits your budget.

And the best part? No medical questionnaire is required!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • The highest coverage in market for vision care, paramedicals, and mental health support—our Gold tier has the highest drug limits in the market.
  • Our New Parent Boost benefit for new moms and families, designed in collaboration with the BC Women’s Health Foundation, offers additional coverage for mental health and physiotherapy services. It’s the only benefit of its kind in Canada.
  • Virtual care is a core benefit offering in all tiers.
  • Some of the most comprehensive mental health coverage available, with access to registered clinical counsellors, psychologists, and three online cognitive behavioural therapy programs—including a made-in BC option that specializes in substance use issues. Mental health support has become a critical benefit in the COVID era.
  • Coverage for drug dispensing fees, reducing your out-of-pocket costs when filling a prescription. Plus, our Preferred Pharmacy Network offers savings on prescription drugs, medical aids, and wellness services.

We have the largest pay direct network in BC for eligible prescriptions, health practitioners, and dental claims—keeping money in your pocket.

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