Pacific Blue Cross is named one of Canada’s Greenest Employers

Wednesday, Apr 20, 2022

We are honoured (and very proud) to make this list for the second year in a row.

Greenest 2022 Logo

Since joining the Climate Smart Certification Program in 2014, Pacific Blue Cross has decreased our greenhouse gas emissions by 55% (from our 2012 baseline), which is the equivalent of 3.7 million fewer kilometers driven in a passenger vehicle! We’ve done this via investments in waste diversion and recycling, heating and cooling systems, and climate friendly lighting. The lack of staff travel over the past two years has also played a role in the reductions, as most of us have been working from home during the pandemic.

Our paper usage has been significantly slashed as well. Over the past five years we’ve had great success at shifting our claims submissions processes online, reducing the mountain of paper we receive while improving claims turnaround times for our members.

For perspective, think about this: in 2021 we processed 28 million claims, almost 90% of which were either direct billed by providers or submitted by members through Member Profile or our digital app. In the old days, these claims would have come in the mail—in envelopes with claims forms and copies of receipts, which we would digitize and destroy.

Paper savings also result from having member online banking information in our system. By direct depositing claims payments into members’ bank accounts in 2021, we cut the number of physical cheques we issued in half, to 400,000. That saves money, members get their money faster, and we put a huge dent in the volume of paper going to the landfill.

Our passion for our bees even made the grade.  “From honeybee apiaries to community gardens, initiatives that may seem ‘small’ individually are actually supporting a collective culture of sustainability within organizations—especially when employees are at the forefront of these programs”, says Kristina Leung, Senior Editor of the Canada’s Top 100 Employers project. Last year our 10,000+ bees produced 480 jars of honey, which we use as gifts for clients and other stakeholders.

“When staff are engaged in their employer’s green efforts, they tend to adopt these values and bring them into their homes and personal lives, which creates immeasurable positive change,” adds Leung. To that end, a huge kudos must go out to our internal Green Team. This group is tremendously committed to addressing environmental issues within our organization and for engaging all of us in their efforts.

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