The First Nations Health Authority improves the administration of mental health benefits for providers

Monday, Nov 22, 2021

The FNHA expands their partnership with Pacific Blue Cross to launch PROVIDERnet to make it easier for mental health providers to administer benefits.

FNHA clients and their family members are eligible to receive benefits under four different mental health programs, all of which were being managed using manual processes. PROVIDERnet went live today so mental health providers can easily submit requests for coverage under these programs on behalf of their First Nations clients and receive faster approvals and claims payments.

 “We are excited to be introducing PROVIDERnet for managing mental health programs at FNHA. We hope that this will open the door for more providers to serve FNHA clients. We are pleased to have expanded our partnership with Pacific Blue Cross and added mental health to the suite of health benefits they administer”, says John Mah, VP, First Nations Health Benefits and Services.

“Pacific Blue Cross is honoured that the FNHA chose to build upon our existing partnership to help them improve mental health service delivery for their clients,” said John Crawford, President and CEO, Pacific Blue Cross. “We’re incredibly proud of the work we’ve already done to support the health and wellbeing of First Nations communities across the province and continue our commitment to the health care objectives the FNHA has set out for all of their clients.”

These changes will result in quicker turnaround times for the FNHA’s mental health clients. The new functionality also allows them to track and manage their mental health benefits by logging in to Member Profile online or via the Pacific Blue Cross mobile app.

“This project leverages our PROVIDERnet system, which is used by many other health care providers to submit benefits pre-determinations and claims online,” says Leza Muir, COO, Pacific Blue Cross. “However, the new functionality we built for the FNHA allows their mental health benefits administrators to use our system to manage their programs online, including review and approval of coverage requests. Everything is real-time for them, for their registered mental health providers—and for their clients.”

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