Vaccines play an important role in helping British Columbians maintain their health and wellbeing. We’ve put together this resource page to help you learn more about immunizations and the processes that ensure they are safe and effective.

Vaccine Essentials COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccine Essentials

Vaccine Basics

Learn what vaccines are, how vaccines work, why vaccination is important, and what you need to know

Vaccines by Disease

Learn about the different vaccines and the diseases they prevent


Vaccines used in Canada are safe and effective

For Who and When

Vaccines aren't just for kids. People of all ages need vaccines to stay healthy


When travelling internationally, you may be at risk in other parts of the world

Find a Clinic

Find out where to get your influenza vaccine and if you can get if for free


Tools and resources to help you stay informed and up-to-date on information about vaccines and vaccinations

Your Plan Coverage

Your plan may have vaccination coverage. Talk to your employer, or plan details can be found anytime on our website or mobile app

Vaccination Records

Log-in to your member profile and click Digital Wellness Tools to store your vaccination records on Health Connected

COVID-19 Vaccine

COVID-19 vaccination at a glance

BC is working with federal, provincial, and health authority partners to plan the COVID-19 immunization program.

Vaccines for COVID-19

Two COVID-19 vaccines have been authorized for use in Canada to date.

Vaccine approval process

Canada has one of the most thorough systems to approve new vaccines for use in people.


Learn more about the populations who are eligible to receive approved COVID-19 vaccines in BC.

BC’s plan for vaccine distribution

Vaccines are being delivered regularly to locations in all health authorities.

Monitoring uptake, safety and effectiveness

COVID-19 immunization will be carefully documented.


First Nations Health Authority

Island Health Authority

Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

Fraser Health Authority

Interior Health Authority

Northern Health Authority