Blue Choice Bridge

Get the option to re-activate your plan

Did you know that today’s worker will have, on average, about 3 careers and 8 jobs in a lifetime.*

As a Blue Choice plan member, you have the option to put your plan on ‘hold’ and preserve your current coverage should you accept a job that includes group benefits.

If you have been enrolled in the Blue Choice plan for at least 3 months, you’re eligible for Blue Choice Bridge. Blue Choice Bridge provides you the assurance of protection today against the uncertainty of tomorrow.

By purchasing Blue Choice Bridge when you cancel your Blue Choice coverage, you lock in your health status and benefit limits as they are today. Then when you leave your group benefit coverage, you simply activate your old Blue Choice plan with no waiting period or medical review.

Blue Choice Bridge is ideal for:

  • Post-secondary graduates with individual health coverage, who begin a job with an organization that offers group benefits.
  • A contractor who goes back and forth between freelance contracts and working for employers who provide group benefits.
  • A retiree with individual health coverage who takes on temporary employment with a business that offers group health coverage.
*Human Resources and Skills Development Canada