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Pacific Blue Cross receives Communitas Green Initiatives Award

Pacific Blue Cross has received a Communitas Green Initiatives Award for environmental achievements that include reducing our office waste production by two thirds.

The Communitas Award recognizes organizations and individuals that are changing the way they do business to benefit employees, communities and the environment, and who exhibit ethical and sustainable business practices.

Led by our 'Green Team', Pacific Blue Cross achieved significant reductions in energy usage and waste production to qualify for the 2014 award. Highlights include:
  • Cutting waste production by two-thirds and diverting 305 tonnes of CO2 waste from landfills
  • Reducing electricity consumption by installing light sensors in meeting rooms
  • Reducing CO2 output by lowering natural gas use by eight per cent (that’s 315 gigajoules—the equivalent of 50 barrels of oil)
  • Curbing the chemical impact of office cleaning by switching to chemical-free, ozone cleaning products
  • Switching to moisture sensors in outdoor planters to reduce water usage
  • Reducing our total carbon footprint by 140 tonnes
Environmental responsibility is a pillar of the Pacific Blue Cross Community Connection, which also emphasizes education and improving health outcomes.

Through our Community Connection Health Foundation, we provide grants to eligible not-for-profit programs with a focus on fighting chronic disease and mental illness.

Pacific Blue Cross also provides university scholarships in nursing, medicine, dentistry and actuarial sciences, and Reach Your Potential scholarships to children of our employees, to encourage post-secondary education.

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