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Pacific Blue Cross completes acquisition of D.A. Townley & Associates Ltd.

Pacific Blue Cross, British Columbia's leading health insurance provider, has completed the acquisition of D.A. Townley to become Western Canada’s largest third-party benefits administrator.

As a wholly-owned division of Pacific Blue Cross, the firm will operate under the trade name D.A. Townley. However, the 50-year-old company will remain in its current location and operate separately from Pacific Blue Cross on an ongoing basis. Both organizations are located in Burnaby, British Columbia.

“I’m excited about the coming months as we begin work on our integration plan,” says Pacific Blue Cross President and CEO Jan K. Grude. “D.A. Townley’s reputation as a third party administrator is unrivaled, while our administration technology allows for efficient tracking and analysis of health care utilization data to recommend cost-effective and novel approaches to benefit plan design.”

Pacific Blue Cross provides health, dental, life, disability and travel insurance services to 8,000 group benefit plans and 1.5 million members, and processes 19 million claims annually.

Learn more about D.A. Townley.

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