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Attention Pharmacies: Limited BLUEnet availability schedule for 2012

To facilitate conversions from SIN to identity numbers for large groups of employees with BLUEnet plans, Pacific Blue Cross implements BLUEnet shutdowns on weekends when conversions are scheduled. Only members of the affected groups are impacted during the conversion process.

BLUEnet claims transmitted during this time period for these members will be refused with the message “Transaction has been restricted.” Pharmacies have the option of collecting full payment from the member and issuing a receipt for manual claim submission, or resending the claim once the restriction has been lifted.
Below is a schedule of the outages for 2012. Please post this for the staff in your pharmacy.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation. If you have any questions or require assistance, call our PBC Technical Support at 604 419-2222 or toll-free at 1 800 487-3228.
  • January 20-21 11pm - 10am
  • February 17-18 11pm - 10am
  • March 16-17 11pm - 10am
  • April 5-6 11pm - 10am
  • May 18-19 11pm - 10am
  • June 29-30 11pm - 10am
  • August 3-4 11pm - 10am
  • October 5-6 11pm - 10am
  • November 9-10 11pm - 10am

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