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Thursday, May 7, 2015
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Get More from Your Benefits, Lowering your out-of-pocket costs

Members save on prescriptions by shopping within our Preferred Pharmacy Network

BioScript Costco London Drugs Price Smart Save-on-Foods Sobeys Safeway Thrifty Foods Fresh Co Pharmacy Lawtons PocketPills

Our Preferred Pharmacy Network (PPN) includes British Columbia’s most trusted pharmacy retailers. Show your Pacific Blue Cross ID card at any PPN location in BC to take advantage of these savings.

What you get What this means
Lower prices on all prescription drugs Prices on prescription drugs can vary by pharmacy. Our PPN partners guarantee that you’ll pay among the lowest retail prices for prescriptions.
Lower dispensing fees Pharmacies charge you a fee each time they fill a prescription. Our PPN partners guarantee low dispensing fees. If your plan has a dispensing fee limit, you could pay less for your share of the fee, or nothing at all!
Instant claims payments If your Pacific Blue Cross ID card is enabled for direct pay, PPN pharmacies will submit your prescription claims to us in real time. You only pay for the amount not covered by your health plan. This includes compound drug prescriptions.
Help with Special Authority and high-cost drug coverage If you are prescribed a drug that is eligible for coverage by Special Authority from BC PharmaCare, PPN pharmacists will guide you through the application process. They can also advise you on patient assistance programs for conditions with high drug-related costs.
Refill reminders At many locations you can sign up to receive texts, emails, or telephone reminders when it’s time to refill your prescriptions.
Additional Savings Our PPN partners also offer member exclusive discounts on related products and services.

Membership is automatic

Just follow these simple steps:

  • Present your Pacific Blue Cross ID card at any PPN location
  • Fill your prescription

Savings are applied instantly to your claim at point of sale. You only need to pay for what isn’t covered by your drug plan.

Find a Preferred Pharmacy Network location near you!

PPN pharmacies are located in communities across British Columbia. Search these PPN store locators for pharmacies near you.

Preferred Pharmacy Network Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Preferred Pharmacy Network?
    The Pacific Blue Cross Preferred Pharmacy Network (PPN) includes trusted pharmacy brands belonging to these partners – BioScript, Costco, London Drugs, Overwaitea Food Group, Safeway, Thrifty Foods, Sobeys, Lawton Drugs, and FreshCo. Show your Pacific Blue Cross ID card at any PPN location in British Columbia to take advantage of savings on prescriptions and other health products and services.
  2. Who are your PPN partners?
    Our Preferred Pharmacy Network partners are:
    • BioScript
    • Costco
    • London Drugs
    • PocketPills
    • Pricesmart
    • Overwaitea/ Save On Foods (including Urban Fare Yaletown)
    • Sobeys
    • Safeway
    • Thrifty Foods
    • FreshCo
    • Lawtons
  3. Where are the pharmacy locations ?
    Preferred Pharmacy Network locations are located in communities across BC. Search for your nearest PPN location in the "PPN Lookup" tab.
  4. How much do I save on prescriptions?

    Low prices are guaranteed, but how much you save depends on the base price of the drug.

    PPN partners also offer:

    • A maximum dispensing fee of $10 or less
    • Up to 100 days-supply of maintenance drugs where possible, for fewer dispensing fee charges
    • Assistance sourcing alternative funding and BC PharmaCare coverage for high cost medications

    As well, each PPN partner has in-store offers for Pacific Blue Cross members. These vary by pharmacy. View pharmacy offers under our PPN Lookup tab. View pharmacy offers under our PPN Lookup tab..

  5. Do these benefits apply to all prescription drugs carried by PPN partners?
    Yes, if your plan also includes coverage for those drugs. Certain specialty drugs may be excluded from the network if there is restricted distribution.
  6. How do I join?
    Simply present your Pacific Blue Cross ID card at any participating pharmacy and you’ll automatically start saving. No registration is required.
  7. Are there any membership costs or fees?
    No. The PPN is included with your Pacific Blue Cross membership.
  8. Can I submit my claim in my Member Profile or send it by mail?

    Most Pacific Blue Cross group plans, and all of our individual health plans, are enabled for direct pay. This means that our PPN pharmacies can submit your prescription drug claims to us in real time. You only pay for the amount not covered by your Pacific Blue Cross health plan.

    Our PPN partners also offer real-time claiming for compound drug formulations, as well as drugs approved by Special Authority from BC PharmaCare.

    If your group plan does not include direct pay, submit your drug claim online to receive payment in as little as 48 hours. Be sure to keep your original receipt in case we ask for it later.

  9. What happens if I forget my Pacific Blue Cross ID card? Can I be refunded the extra that I paid?

    No. If you pay any non-member prices for prescription drugs or other services, you cannot claim the difference retroactively. When you submit a claim, we reimburse the total prescription cost that is covered by your drug plan. You are responsible for any amount above what the plan covers.

    If you’ve previously filled a prescription at a PPN pharmacy, your pharmacist should be able to retrieve your information. Give your full name, policy and ID number to the pharmacist.

    Download the Pacific Blue Cross mobile app to look up your policy and ID numbers should you forget your card. Or, sign-in to your Member Profile and email your card to your mobile device.

  10. What if I can’t fill my prescription in the Network?

    If your benefit plan does not prohibit you from shopping at other pharmacies, you can fill your prescriptions outside of the Network. The total cost of your prescriptions including dispensing fees may be higher at non-PPN pharmacies. When you submit a claim, we reimburse the total prescription cost that is covered by your drug plan. You are responsible for any amount above what the plan covers.

    If you live in an area with no PPN location, you may be able to fill your prescriptions at your closest PPN pharmacy and have them delivered by mail. Ask your nearest PPN pharmacy for assistance.

  11. Will other pharmacies be added to the network in future?
    We are always seeking new ways to help our members and plan sponsors lower their prescription drug costs. We can’t say if or how soon our PPN will grow, but we will keep you updated along the way.

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