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Are generic drugs as safe as brand name drugs?

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
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Are generics as good as brand name drugs?

The simple truth

Generic drugs are copies of brand-name drugs. They are just as safe, are equal in quality, and much lower in cost than brand name drugs. Choosing generic drugs means you can keep money in your pocket where it belongs while helping control the cost of your extended health plan.

Next time you get a prescription, ask your doctor or pharmacist for the generic equivalent.

Generic drugs are SAFE

Health Canada’s approval process for generic drug manufacturing is as strict as the process for brand name drugs. In Canada, both brand-name and generic drug manufacturers follow the same testing and quality control standards.

You can be assured that generic drugs are just as effective and safe as brand name drugs.

Generic drugs are equal in QUALITY

Generic drugs provide the same quality as their brand-name counterparts. All ingredients in generic drugs must be approved by Health Canada and include the same active ingredient, provide the same strength per dosage, and be administered the same way (oral, topical, or injection).

You can buy quality drugs at an affordable price.

Generic drugs are LOWER in COST

A generic prescription is about 35% of the price of the brand name equivalent in British Columbia.

Generic drug manufacturers do not need to invest as much money on research, development, testing, and approval processes as brand name drug manufacturers. Also, they do not spend millions of dollars on promotion and advertising.

Many brand name drugs have generic equivalents and each year new ones enter the market. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for generic drugs whenever possible or if there are any therapeutic alternatives to treat your condition.

Understanding the break down of drug prices can help you make informed choices when buy prescription drugs.

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