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Trip Protection from Pacific Blue Cross

Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Choosing Coverage, For when you're travelling

Travel coverage can protect more than just medical emergencies

When you think of travel plans, you’re probably thinking about coverage for medical emergencies from an accident or sudden illness. You’re right. But travel plans actually provide a lot more protection than you may think.

Emergency care is just one of the things that can be covered by a standard travel plan. You can also buy additional coverage to cover unexpected medical and non-medical expenses.

Transportation Expenses

Anything can change in an instant. Trip cancellation covers travel costs if your trip is cancelled before you leave and trip interruption covers you after your trip has begun. For example, an emergency at home may mean you have to cut your vacation short to go home. A travel plan can cover the transportation expenses bring you back home and even return you to the holiday destination.

Baggage Insurance

Maybe the airline lost your luggage? Baggage insurance covers the cost of lost or stolen baggage, or the cost to purchase items while baggage is delayed.

Air Flight Accident

Air flight accident insures against loss of life or use of a limb in an air flight accident. Accidental death and dismemberment provides similar coverage but for non-air-flight-related accidents.

Other Coverage

Travel plans can also include coverage for things you may not even think would be covered. For example, lets say you’re driving across the States in your motor home and you have a medical emergency. Your travel plan will cover the cost to return both you and your vehicle home. If you’re traveling with your pets, and you get sick, your plan will also make sure costs to safely return your pet home are covered too.

So are incidental costs for things like food and accommodation if you’re delayed in your return home because of an illness or injury. For example, Let’s say you’re travelling and your spouse is hospitalized because of an injury and can’t travel right away. Your travel plan would cover the extra nights for your hotel while you’re waiting to return home. These costs can add up—especially if you’re delayed in coming home for some unexpected reason.

The options you can add to your travel plan can go a long way to provide you with the peace of mind you want on your trip… so you can relax and have a good time.

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