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Focus on Mental Health: Let's keep the conversation going

Tuesday, November 19, 2019
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When it comes to improving mental health, conversation is key. Creating awareness of mental health issues through a continual dialogue helps to fight social stigma and promote the importance of access to quality care.

The BC Women’s Health Foundation report, In Her Words: Women’s Experience with the Healthcare System in British Columbia, shines a spotlight on women’s health and experiences with the health care system, including mental health.

Women’s unique mental health needs

The report talks about the prevalence of mental health issues that can arise during the various stages of women’s reproductive life – from the onset of the menstrual cycle, to pregnancy and postpartum, through to menopause. Each of these unique stages adds a layer of complexity to women’s overall health.

The In Her Words report demonstrates that mental and emotional wellbeing is a significant priority for many women in our province, particularly for younger women—with 34% rating their emotional health as “fair” or “poor” and one in 10 saying mental health is their top priority.

Pacific Blue Cross wants to help

“To address a problem, you need to understand the problem, and with the In Her Words report we now know that we can do more,” says Heidi Worthington, senior vice-president at Pacific Blue Cross.

As a health benefits provider, we are dedicated to providing our Members access to the care they need, when they need it.

Many Pacific Blue Cross group insurance plans offer an Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), providing 24/7 access to wellness and mental health services through counselling, coaching, and support. As well, many group and individual plans include coverage toward assistance from a mental health professional. Contact your benefits administrator for more details.

We also have a number of psychologists around the province who offer Insta-Claim, which allows you to access services and have your claim processed on the spot—you only pay for the difference not covered by your plan. Search for a Provider in your area now at

Through learnings from the In Her Words report and our partnership with the BC Women’s Health Foundation, we are committed to working with plan sponsors, large and small, to enhance our benefits plans and services for individuals and groups in areas such as access to care, mental health support, and reproductive health and wellbeing.

Learn more about the state of women’s health and keep the conversation going, visit


In Her Words: Women’s Experience with the Healthcare System in BC — BC Women’s Health Foundation

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