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Avoid the shoebox effect — File your claim as soon as possible

Wednesday, October 9, 2013
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Insurance Basics, How to make a claim

File your claims as soon as possible

Who hasn't done this before? You have a health care expense and tuck your receipts away for safekeeping because you’re going to claim that later.

But you forget about it or maybe you misplace it. Then you miss your claiming deadline for that expense.

A lot of plan members think they should save up their receipts and file their claim for health care expenses all at once. So they save them up all year long and then send them into their insurance company at the end of the year. The trouble is things get lost all the time. In insurance, we call this the "shoebox effect".

Filing your claim right away ensures ALL your expenses are considered for coverage under your plan.

But did you know that filing right away could also help speed up your claim?

When everyone saves their receipts and files them at the end of the year, your insurance company gets busier, which means you wait longer for payment.

But when you file your claim right away the claims that are processed by your insurer are spread out over the year. This helps balance the volume of work so your claim can be processed as soon as possible.

Depending on your plan your health provider may be able to make claims on your behalf. For example, if you have a pay direct drug card, your pharmacist can submit claims directly. Your dentist might also submit your claim on your behalf. Insurance companies are also offering electronic claim submission for certain benefits.

Whether you file your claim online or submit it on a paper form, you still need to take that step and file your claim. And we recommend you always do that right away. Visit our website for claims forms and to learn more about how to file your claim.

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