A Healthy Approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Our Commitment to you

Pacific Blue Cross is committed to promoting and protecting diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) of its employees and members. As BC’s Health Benefits Society, we also understand that DE&I is a journey not a destination.

Internally, Pacific Blue Cross has created multiple DE&I eLearning modules including Intro to Diversity, Beyond Bias, Indigenous Awareness, Gender Awareness, Respect Matters and Diversity in Action. Pacific Blue Cross is a sponsor of the Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Council with the Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, are members of the Canadian Centre of Diversity Inclusion and partners with Pride at Work.

Learn about Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DEI - Foundation for Understanding
A Foundation for Greater Understanding

This module will help you to better understand our diverse world and appreciate the uniqueness of both ourselves and others around us.

Beyond Bias
Beyond Bias

This module will help you to better understand how we naturally form perceptions and how can they impact our daily lives.

Gender Awareness
Gender Awareness

This module will help you to better understand what gender is and the importance of shifting to gender-inclusive language which respects and acknowledges gender identities of all people.

Indigenous Awareness
Indigenous Awareness

This module will help you to better understand the history of the Indigenous People in Canada and how it impacts our world today. Created in partnership with First Nations Health Authority.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Action
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Action

This module is intended to help us on our journey towards creating cultural safety and humility in our work place.

We look at diversity with humble eyes and value any thoughts or concerns you may have with our learning modules. Feedback can be provided to coursefeedback@pac.bluecross.ca

Gender Identity

We recognize gender identifiers exist beyond the binary – such as trans+, gender variant and Two-Spirit. However, existing software requirements allow only for ‘male’ and ‘female’ options. Currently, entering a member’s assigned sex at birth is required for assessment to continue within this current binary system.

That being said, Pacific Blue Cross is committed to recognizing diversity within our current operating environment through preferred pronouns during conversations, gender-neutral written communications, ongoing diversity education for our staff, support for organizations promoting diversity and inclusion and we will continue to support and inform ourselves of ongoing learning about the impact of other gender identifiers on health. We are currently assessing the requirements to bring our systems, products and underwriting processes in line with our culture of support and acceptance for diversity and inclusion, in order to inform our business & resource planning to continue our updates in 2022.

Gender affirmation at Pacific Blue Cross

Pacific Blue Cross is a not-for-profit, so we must balance our resources to serve the complex needs of our very diverse member and employee base. We endeavor to do this as quickly as possible and recognize this means particular enhancements may not be completed as soon as is desired – but rest assured we are focused on our mission to improve health and wellbeing for British Columbians.