K-12 Unionized Support Staff


Changes to your benefit Plan: What you need to know


The Unionized Support Staff Provincial Standardized Extended Health Plan (Standard Plan) will be updated, and minimum levels of dental coverage will be put in place July 1, 2023.

For information on the coverage provided through the Standard Plan, please review the Guide to the Unionized Support Staff Standardized Provincial Extended Health Care Plan  (PDF provided on this page).

In addition to the Standard Plan enhancements, all school district/local Support Staff dental plans will be updated to provide a minimum level of coverage, which is outlined below:


Minimum coverage provisions

Basic Services

Plan pays: 85%

Major Services

Plan pays: 60%

Orthodontic Services

Plan pays: 60%

Lifetime Maximum: $1,000

While most members already have the same drug plan that is included in the Standard Plan, this will be a change for some members.

Below is a summary of what is included in the Standard Plan prescription drug benefit:

If you are unsure whether your current plan already includes this drug plan, please contact your union local or school district benefits administrator for confirmation. For unionized support locals transitioning to the BlueRx prescription drug formulary, please refer to the following documents:

Price comparison tool

Pharmacy Compass is a free web-based tool that helps you compare prescription drugs costs across pharmacies. Compare generic versus brand name drug costs, dispensing fees and more so you can save instantly at time of refill.

Preferred Pharmacy Network

Show your Pacific Blue Cross Member ID card at any Preferred Pharmacy Network location in BC to take advantage of these savings.

Visit Pacific Blue Cross' Preferred Pharmacy Network for more information.


*Pacific Blue Cross follows BC PharmaCare maximum pricing policies. Mark-up maximum is currently 8% for most drugs listed with BC PharmaCare drugs, 15% for most other non-PharmaCare listed drugs and 5% for select higher cost medications.