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Individuals and Families Health and Dental Insurance Plans

Primary Blue


  • Basic coverage at an affordable price
  • No medical questionnaire
  • Coverage is guaranteed
  • Covers medications you're already taking

Guaranteed coverage for:

  • Retirees
  • People with existing health conditions
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Blue Choice


  • Comprehensive coverage at an affordable price
  • Coverage increases over time
  • Medical questionnaire required
  • Flexible benefit design

A flexible plan for:

  • People not covered through employer
  • Retirees
  • Self-employed
  • Students
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Blue Choice Conversion


  • Uninterrupted coverage when leaving a group plan
  • No medical questionnaire
  • No waiting period for claims

Continuing coverage for:

  • Employees retiring
  • when layoffs occur
  • Overage dependents losing coverage under parent's plan
  • Those applying within 60 days of group benefits ending
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Dental Only

Our dental only plans provide affordable dental coverage without having to purchase a more comprehensive health plan.


  • Protection at an affordable price
  • The longer you're covered, the more coverage you enjoy

Great for:

  • Individuals who only need dental coverage
  • Employees without dental coverage through their employer
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