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Pacific Blue Cross and BC Life

Pacific Blue Cross has been British Columbia's leading benefits provider for over 75 years. Our comprehensive understanding of health care needs fuels our commitment to service.

Together with BC Life, our subsidiary, we provide health, dental, life, disability and travel coverage for approx 1.5 million British Columbians through employee group plans and through individual plans for those who do not have coverage with their employer.

  • Keeping you informed | Service Disruptions

    Keeping you informed | Service disruptions

    We're focused on minimizing the impact and ensuring you continue to receive the services and support you require...

  • Fast, easy claims

    Fast, easy claims

    Download our App, sign-in to CARESnet, or look for an Insta-claim provider for fast, easy claims

  • Fast, easy claims

    Fast, easy claims

    Show Your Card to Claim on The Spot

Blue Shield

Blue Shield is a registered trade-mark of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association