Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my organization share this with our plan members?

The Pacific Blue Cross Health Challenge is a positive way to educate your members about healthy habits such as eating nutritiously, quitting smoking and getting more exercise. It can help you to engage members in supporting each other’s health goals and promoting a healthier workforce.

Is there any cost for our organization to participate?

The contest is free for all Pacific Blue Cross plans and is open to all of your employees.

Do plan sponsors have to do any administration for the contest?

No. This contest is being run by Pacific Blue Cross to help British Columbians enjoy a healthy start to the year. It does not require any administration from plan sponsors and we provide you with promotional materials for your workplace below.

How does the Health Cash work?

Pacific Blue Cross will reimburse Health Cash winners for products or services tied to improving their health, like gym memberships, new bikes or a smoothie maker. Winners send their receipts directly to us and we reimburse them with a cheque.

Does this affect a member’s benefits?

No, the health cash is completely separate from a member’s health plan coverage and limits.

Challenge your co-workers and get the word out


If you would like co-branded posters please email your logo to Display these posters in common areas to encourage people to take the challenge.