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Before we start

*Are you and all dependents residents of BC or the Yukon?
*Are you and all dependents currently insured under the Government health plan?

Our Individual Insurance Plans are provided ONLY to residents of BC or the Yukon who have a Medical Service Plan.

  • Are you a resident of another province?
    Please contact Blue Cross Canada at to find your provinces' Blue Cross.

  • Are you a visitor to Canada and arrived within the last 30 days?
    You may find more information about our "Visitors to Canada Travel Plan".

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions at 1 800 USE-BLUE(873-2583) or e-mail us.

Who will be covered?

*Your gender:

*Will your spouse be covered?
*Spouse's gender:

*Will there be any dependents covered under the plan?  What is a dependent?
*Dependent 1 -
*Dependent 2 -
*Dependent 3 -
*Dependent 4 -
*Dependent 5 -
*Dependent 6 -

Blue Shield

Blue Shield is a registered trade-mark of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association