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October 16, 2017

Find answers to your questions

We are delighted to have our Member Service Team back at full capacity to serve you. We appreciate your patience at this time, as our telephone service lines are extremely busy.

Are you among the more than half-million Pacific Blue Cross Members who have signed up for CARESnet? We’ve made it easier for you to find answers to questions in your personalized CARESnet account, so you don’t have to wait on the phone.

  • Wondering what prescription drugs are covered by your plan?
    Search our Drug Lookup Tool on your CARESnet account Home page.
  • Need a new ID Card?
    Click on ID Cards in the Account tab to print a duplicate or email it to yourself or a dependent. Only your name appears on your card and can be used by all dependents listed in your CARESnet account.
  • Waiting for a pre-authorization?
    Click on Authorized Products and Services in the Claims tab to see if your health, dental or drug pre-authorization has been processed.
  • Wanting to find out if a paper claim has been processed?
    Your claim will be visible on your CARESnet Home page the moment it is processed. If your plan allows online claiming, try re-submitting the paper claim online or on our mobile app for instant results.
  • Need to add or change your address, password or banking information, or give CARESnet access to your spouse?
    Go to the Account tab to view all of your administrative options.
  • Want to know if you or a dependent is eligible for a benefit?
    Select Plan Benefits under the Benefits tab, and click to see what’s covered under each benefit.
  • Want to know how much spending room you have left on a benefit?
    Select Plan Benefits or Health Spending Account under the benefits tab.
  • Looking to buy travel or individual health insurance, or convert to an individual retirement plan? You can buy almost all of our Personal Health Insurance products online or through a participating broker.

For our Members who normally submit paper claims

If you haven’t submitted a claim in CARESnet or on our Mobile App yet, we encourage you to give them a try. You can find out instantly if your claim is approved, and most payments are deposited into your bank account within 48 hours.

If you belong to a plan that does not include CARESnet or pay-direct drugs at the pharmacy, we ask for your patience as we attend to an unprecedented high volume of paper claims. Our Member Service Team is unable to give estimates on when paper claims will be processed, but we are working very hard to return to normal service levels.

To find out if your plan allows CARESnet, pharmacy pay-direct drugs, or Insta-Claim:

  1. Click on Register for Access on the CARESnet Sign-in page and follow the prompts;
  2. Show your Pacific Blue Cross ID card to your pharmacist and ask if your plan allows pay-direct. If it does, you will be reimbursed instantly for prescriptions that are covered by your plan;
  3. Show your card at any Insta-Claim Health Provider in British Columbia before you pay for the service.

We value your Membership and look forward to serving you.


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