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September 12, 2017

Pacific Blue Cross to welcome CUPE 1816 employees back to work on September 18

On Sunday, September 10, Pacific Blue Cross employees represented by CUPE 1816 ratified a 6-year collective agreement that includes wage increases and continued best-in-class benefits, while enabling improved financial sustainability for the organization.

Pacific Blue Cross is making preparations to welcome employees back to work on September 18, followed by a transition to normal operations.

Paper claims processing has continued throughout the disruption, and all unpaid claims have been sorted for processing. Please do not re-send paper claims via mail or fax. They will be processed in order of date received. Employees will be deployed from all areas to clear unpaid claims as quickly as possible. Our main call centre is scheduled to re-open to full service on October 16, to support this additional claim processing capacity.

If your plan allows for online or pay-direct claims, please continue to claim online and use Insta-Claim health providers. If you are waiting on a paper claim, we encourage you to re-submit online and you will be paid directly in your bank account within 48 hours. When we process the paper claim, CARESnet will simply show a duplicate in your claims history.

Pacific Blue Cross thanks all of our Members and business partners for your patience over these past weeks. We are working on many improvements to deliver a better claiming experience to you and all of our 1.5 million Members across British Columbia in the weeks to come. We remain committed to our members to not only live up to our reputation as BC’s #1 health benefits provider, but to exceed it.

What's New?

  • We are inviting our Members to resubmit paper claims online through our website or mobile app. We will accept photocopies of receipts. Payments are processed in as little as 48 hours.
  • We’ve added 33 new claims categories to online claiming, so you can claim for almost any eligible health benefit online without ever having to fill out a form.
  • We ask that you show your Member Card at any pharmacy, dentist, or health provider and your claim will be process on the spot. Insta-Claim saves you time and keeps money in your pocket.
  • We are growing our network of Insta-Claim health providers who submit claims instantly on your behalf. You pay only for what isn’t covered by your plan. Find an Insta-Claim provider near you.
  • We’ve enhanced our mobile app. Use the app to submit claims, search for your nearest Insta-Claim health provider, and find prescription savings through our Preferred Pharmacy Network.
  • We’ve made it easier for you to buy travel or personal health insurance online, with information and options on how and where to buy.

How we're working to serve you:

  • We have our 160 management and exempt staff processing paper claims in priority order.
  • We’ve expanded the search function in our online Advice Centre to help you find answers to commonly asked questions. Just click the Help button on our homepage.
  • We no longer require Members to mail in confirmation of BC PharmaCare Special Authority approvals. If you’ve been approved for drug coverage by BC PharmaCare Special Authority go directly to a participating pharmacy to submit your claim.
  • We received an essential services designation to continue to process payments for Members on short and long term disability. However, with greatly reduced staff size, service will be at below normal levels.
  • We continue to work with BC government ministries to process health and dental claims for BC’s most vulnerable children and families.
  • We continue to update Members on new and improved products and services. Sign in to CARESnet to subscribe to our Blue & You Member newsletter.


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