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July 10, 2017

Pacific Blue Cross cares about the health and wellbeing of British Columbians and that of our own employees. Currently, we provide one of BC’s most generous benefits plans to our active and retired union employees. We have asked our union for support for changes to the plan that minimize waste and inefficiencies, and manage cost on certain benefits that threaten our ability to afford them into the future.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to come to an agreement and we have been experiencing rotating service disruptions since May. Since July 6, we have experienced full work stoppage by our 600 unionized staff. We remain committed to resuming negotiations toward a sustainable benefits plan for our employees when the union is ready to bargain the issues.

Our focus is on minimizing the impact and ensuring that you continue to receive the services and support you require:
  1. Online and mobile app claims are not affected and continue to be processed. 
  2. Members on short and long term disability continue to receive payments.
  3. Out of country travel coverage continues to operate and our partner Medi-Assist continues to support members travelling outside the province/country.
  4. Member inquiries will be met with information and alternative methods to find answers through our website, and mobile app.
  5. Paper claims will be received, opened and processed at our office according to priority and need. When full services resume, processing will be in accordance with any claiming deadlines, but we do anticipate delays due to volume.
  6. You can continue to use our digital channels to submit claims and administer benefits. We encourage you to do the following:
    • Choose a Pacific Blue Cross Insta-Claim Health Provider
      • Search by health provider and location
      • The health provider automatically submits your claim to Pacific Blue Cross
      • You only pay for the difference not covered by your plan
    • Submit claims online with Pacific Blue Cross direct deposit
      • Submit scanned receipts and health claims
      • Receive payment in as little as 48 hours
      • Check what’s covered and view recent claims 
    • Download the Pacific Blue Cross app
      • Sign in with fingerprint touch ID
      • Snap photos of receipts and submit health claims
      • Buy travel insurance

If you recently received Special Authority approval from BC PharmaCare, and need confirmation that your prescription is covered by Pacific Blue Cross, use our Pharmacy Compass to find a pharmacy offering real-time Special Authority confirmation.

The following emergency lines are open for Members needing help with disability claims or active travel insurance policies. Pacific Blue Cross appreciates your patience, as these are likely to experience high call volumes.

Urgent Inquiries only Temporary Email
BC Life  - Life and disability case management and payments
Travel insurance support for active travel policy holders, extensions, or renewals

Pacific Blue Cross is proud to be named among BC’s Top Employers for our efforts to provide a healthy and productive workplace. We thank you for your understanding as we look forward to resuming bargaining in good faith to provide the best health benefits coverage possible for our employees, while ensuring the sustainability of those benefits for years to come.

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