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Request PROVIDERnet Web Access

Primary Administrators

  • The dentist, denturist, independent hygienist is the designated Primary Administrator.
  • The pharmacy owner or director of business is the designated Primary Administrator.
  • Head offices of chain pharmacies must provide contact name and email of their designated Primary Administrator.

The role of the Primary Administrator

  • Responsible to set up and maintain web accounts.
  • Have self-serve access to set up, change, view banking information when setting up direct deposit.
  • Can view electronic statements from all locations.
  • Create new standard administrators in your dental office(s) for PROVIDERnet. You can even create another Primary Administrator, if you choose to delegate this role to an office manager. If you work out of several locations we just need one email please.
  • Standard Administrators can only view electronic statements from the location they are set up in and no access to view banking information.
  • Standard Administrators have "view only" access. No access to confidential banking information.

Email Addresses

  • DO NOT register with a dental clinic or a pharmacy email address. There is a risk that registering with a clinic/pharmacy email address may disclose a provider’s personal information to unauthorized individuals. Pacific Blue Cross assumes or takes no responsibility for any consequences, directly or indirectly, that may arise from registering with a clinic/pharmacy email address.
  • Do provide us with the email address of the designated Primary Administrator.
  • We will verify that you are eligible, send you a validation code by return email which will then allow you to set up web accounts for yourself and other users in your office.
  • Emails must be unique in PROVIDERnet.
Type of Provider

Blue Shield

Blue Shield is a registered trade-mark of Blue Cross Blue Shield Association