High quality virtual care benefit now available for all group clients in BC

Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020

Plan members can get the health care they need, when they need it from Canada’s premiere virtual care provider.

Pacific Blue Cross is always looking for ways to adapt our products and services to meet the changing needs of our members—particularly in the COVID-19 era. Virtual care is one example of a “contactless” service that enables 24/7 access to health care no matter where in the province our members live.

Virtual care from EQ Care was introduced to our individual health plans and our Vancity and Blue Chip small-to mid-size group plans in May 2020. 

We’re excited to announce that we’re now adding it as one of our optional benefits for all group clients.

A value-added benefit offering for employers

Virtual care enables employees to see a health care provider without leaving work, reducing the incidence and duration of casual absences. In addition, a virtual care benefit helps to attract and retain employees and improve employee satisfaction.

Our goal: To improve access to health care for our members

Virtual care is an excellent solution for members that are unable to easily see a physician, including:

  • Members living in communities that are remote or don’t have robust medical services, including access to specialists.
  • Members who don’t have access to a family physician.
  • Members in neighborhoods that consistently experience long waits at walk-in clinics or whose clinics close early due to patient quotas.
  • Members who need to see a doctor outside regular business hours.

Virtual care can also reduce the use of hospital emergency rooms for after-hours non-acute medical care.

About EQ Care

EQ Care is Canada’s premier virtual care provider with 30 years in Canadian health care. They offer members a secure, personalized approach by pairing them with a care manager that coordinates the care experience—including follow up tests, referrals to specialists or mental health professionals, and prescriptions.

If a prescription is needed, the care manager will provide it electronically to the member’s preferred pharmacy—including our Preferred Pharmacy Partners—where most pharmacies can arrange to have them delivered.

EQ Care also offers access to mental health and health and wellness services (i.e. dieticians and social workers) as well as medication reviews for an additional cost.