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Expatriate Benefits

International benefit solutions for employees working abroad

We live in a global village. Many companies extend their operations well beyond the borders of Canada. With our international benefit solutions, you can be confident your employees working abroad have the right coverage to protect their health and to return home safely.

Our expatriate program provides worldwide service via three global centres Services include:

  • Dedicated, 24/7/365 help line with assistance available in over 20 languages
  • Claims reimbursement in over 100 currencies
  • Direct pay arrangements with international providers
  • A web portal to allow members to review claim status and explanation of benefits statements

Advantages of our expatriate program for your employees include:

  • No medical questionnaire
  • Coverage for all occupations
  • No need to keep paying provincial medical plan premiums

Canadians returning home are protected during the provincial plan waiting period. They receive:

  • Emergency coverage without premiums or
  • If the rate zone includes Canada and the premium is paid, they receive additional non-emergency coverage

Pacific Blue Cross offers a standard and enhanced program to meet your needs. Download our Expatriate Benefit Information Sheet to learn more.

Our Expatriate Benefits are underwritten by Lloyd's of London, one of the oldest international insurance and reinsurance organizations in the world.

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