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New partnership to improve Aboriginal access to health care

The Vancouver Native Health Society (VNHS) and Pacific Blue Cross have announced their intention to work together to advance health initiatives and improve health services for Aboriginal people in Greater Vancouver.

As a first step, the organizations plan to further advance the integration of traditional wellness approaches into health policies, programs and practices at VNHS. Incorporating traditional approaches has been shown to have multiple interrelated positive outcomes for Aboriginal people, including overall improvement in health and wellness, the strengthening of culture and pride, prevention of chronic conditions, decrease in healthcare costs, and increases in access to health care.

Evidence has shown that genuine collaborative relationships and partnerships in Aboriginal health settings are essential for closing the gap in health between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal population. Pacific Blue Cross and VNHS recognize that both organizations are building a foundation for improving health outcomes for Aboriginal people in BC.

“We can accomplish much more when we work together in an inclusive and respectful way, towards innovative and culturally appropriate approaches. It’s exciting”, says Lou Demerais, Executive Director, VNHS.

“Partnerships are the key to creating and delivering innovative health care solutions,” says Pacific Blue Cross CEO Jan K. Grude. “We are delighted to work collaboratively with Vancouver Native Health as a partner who shares our values, strong commitment to innovation and support of culturally appropriate health care in BC.”

Read the full news release.

About VNHS
Vancouver Native Health Society (VNHS), a non-profit society in Vancouver’s inner city, established a primary health care clinic in 1991 to encourage and improve access to health care, treatment and support for Aboriginal people, as well as other individuals living in the community. The VNHS mission is to improve and promote the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health of individuals, focusing on the Aboriginal community residing in Greater Vancouver.

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